Sunday, May 28, 2017

Pet Sitting

Hi Everyone

Pet Sitting is another way of making extra money, you can either do that full-time or as a way of making some extra money on the side.

Now there are two ways of Pet Sitting.  One you can do it in your own home.  The second you go to people houses and look after there pets in there own home.

So lets talk about the first one doing Pet Sitting in your own home.  It means you are some what limited to what you bring home, because if you have a dog or cat they would have to get a long with the cat or dog that your looking after.

If you choose the second you will need a police check, that way anyone that's wants to book you in to look after there animals at home will know that there pets and home will be safe.  It also opens up a lot of opportunity to look after a lot of different pets.

The best thing is there are not start up cost.  And you can advertise for free on Facebook, Twitter and even blogger.

I do Pet Sitting as well as dog walking so I know there is a lot of money to make doing both.

I do hope this helps with ideas in getting back to work or by making a bit of money on the side.

Take care I will see you all next week.:-)

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